Hi, I’m Asmit. Welcome to my really fancy website /s.

I am a computer engineer, specializing in the intersection of hardware and software. I design software that designs hardware. You might be thinking, whaaat? πŸ€” Yes, I get to work with really cool technologies like CHISEL where I can design SoC hardware at a very high abstraction level, almost like writing software. Bye bye Verilog (not really, but hopefully someday!).

I studied at Penn State, where I researched on protection of RISC-V systems and supply chain. Oh, and I have a PhD. I am also a strong proponent of digital security and good digital citizenship.

Outside of work and studies, I spend most of my time flying. Okay, not really flying IRL (I don’t have a licence, yet πŸ˜‰; hopefully that will change soon…), but simulated flying. Yes, I am an aviation geek, and have been interested in aviation ever since my friend in school introduced me to Microsoft Flight Simulator X. 15 years and much πŸ’²πŸ’² later, flight simulation has grown to be my biggest hobby and obsession. I now have a pseudo home cockpit to satisfy my flying needs πŸ˜„.